About Us

A Reputable Car Seat Manufacturing Company

For more than 15 years, ISP Seats in Concord, NC has been offering industry-standard race car seats and other accessories. Depend on us for all your safety needs on the racetrack.

ISP Building

What You Can Expect

Your containment seat is one of the things that keep you safe whenever you are on the racetrack. At ISP Seats, we comply with specific standards and requirements to ensure driver control and comfort. We only use high-quality materials and repeatedly test the durability of the safety systems we offer.

Our Customer Approach

At our company, we treat our customers as part of our family. We will serve as your support team and will help you find the perfect headset or seat that suits your car.

Meet Our Team


John Zeggert

Owner/ Welder
John Zeggert –better known as Ziggy-came to work for Innovative Safety Products 2 years ago. In November 2019 he and his wife purchased the business renaming it ISP SEATS. Ziggy started his involvement with stock car racing in 1979 with Hutcherson-Pagan Enterprises, working directly with Dick and Eddie. That led him to working with several notable drivers in NASCAR such as Todd Bodine, Martin Truex Jr, Hut Stricklin, Ricky Hendrick, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. The memory that stands out the most in his career is having wins in all three major NASCAR series. Every one of them was just as exciting as the next and he often shares many stories of different tracks or drivers. By working in NASCAR so many years Ziggy had the chance to see all aspects of the cars and the safety involved. Whether he was a car chief or he was designing a state of the art rear- end for DEI, knowledge has always been important. Ziggy knows that it takes a dedicated and knowledgeable team to achieve success. Having over 45 years of experience welding metal makes creating our custom seats second nature. All of his welding and racing experience, both as a competitor and a team member, contribute to his success at ISP SEATS. Knowing what is at stake, he enjoys the process of making every driver safe and comfortable in their seat. Ziggy is originally from Vestal, NY and currently lives in Concord with his wife, Kim, his children Zac and Hannah and two dogs. He enjoys family time and has a special interest in cooking.

Robert DeRosa

Sales Manager
If anyone knows anyone in the seat business-they know Robert DeRosa! Robert has been keeping racers safe for over 30 years. It all started when he started helping friends on their race cars and he instantly became intrigued with the safety side of the car. The rest is history. Robert doesn’t know a stranger and you can always count on him for endless laughter. However, when it comes to the technical aspect of seat safety, Robert’s focus on safety is his priority. His experience speaks for itself. He enjoys working with customers and making a difference in the comfort and safety for every driver. Aside from that, he always looks forward to going to the trade shows and race events promoting the ISP SEATS product line. After all of the years he has been involved in the sport, his greatest memory was when his sister, Darlene, who works for Penske Racing, took him into the garage years ago at a Cup race. Robert is from Oakville, CT and is currently living in Concord with his wife, Sue. Robert has a side business detailing cars and performing maintenance and repairs for customers.

Christi Powell

Office Manager
Christi has been involved in racing since she was 4 years old. She comes from a family where her and her siblings all grew up at the race track. She used to race a Microd, which can be compared to a cage kart. She proudly earned the title of New York State Champion before her career in dancing took her away from the track. Prior to coming to ISP SEATS over 2 years ago, she owned a dance studio in NY, as well as a dance and gymnastics facility here in Concord. After selling her building, she retired and came to ISP SEATS. Racing has never left her blood, as her son, now 19, started racing at the age of 6. Now she takes great pride in watching Austin and seeing the incredible bond that racing has created between him and his dad. Aside from the comedy show she gets every day from Robert, her favorite part of working at ISP is talking to the customers and some of the drivers that she grew up watching on the track. Christi is from Newark Valley, NY and currently lives in Concord with her husband, Kenny, their children, Kamryn, Austin and Jordyn. She loves her mini farm and relaxing on her back porch. She raises spirits every day when she brings the shop dogs, Mavis and Louie.

Kellan Koons

Foam Specialist
ISP SEATS is very lucky to have Kellen as our newest employee. He was hired as a Foam Specialist, but has found himself enjoying several aspects of the business. His past racing experience gives him a higher understanding of why we do what we do and how we do it. He is a great asset to ISP SEATS. Prior to coming to ISP he tried his hand at Late Model racing, as well as Whelen Modified short track racing. While he is no longer taking the green flag every weekend, he now enjoys working on his street car trying to tweek every part possible to get speed and torque. Kellen takes great pride in his every day work and taking what he has learned and putting it into every seat or head surround he finishes. He has found it very interesting that every single seat is unique in its own way. His eagerness to provide the highest level of safety for every racer makes his suggestions and ideas valuable. Kellen is from Clemmons, NC and is currently living in Huntersville. He came to us with the nickname “Duck” and it has stuck!

Kris VanGilder

Design Specialist
Kris VanGilder is the former owner of Innovative Safety Products and we are honored that he stayed with us and is vital part of ISP SEATS. Kris has been designing and building seats for 31 years. He has invented and produced numerous safety features that are used in every racing aspect. He takes great pride in saving lives and understanding the engineering of how to do so. He enjoys working with customers and giving them knowledge on safety. However, most of all he enjoys working for the drivers. Kris’s most grand memory, and rightfully so, was watching Ryan Newman walk out of the hospital with his children, after his horrific wreck in Daytona. Knowing that Ryan’s seat was designed by Kris gives him tremendous joy and he thanks God for his vast understanding of safety. Kris is from Cleveland, OH and lives in Stanfield with his two dogs.

Kim Zeggert

Communications Specialist
Kim never thought her life would bring her to ISP Seats, but when she and her husband purchased ISP Seats in 2019 it was an exciting new chapter. Having a grandfather who raced midgets and a mom who loved racing, Kim found herself leaving sunny South Florida and relocating to Concord to pursue a job in NASCAR. After getting her Motorsports Management degree Kim worked at Concord Motorsport Park and then in the NASCAR cup series. When the team downsized, she took a job at Herff Jones yearbooks, a love she had when living in Florida. She spent ten years guiding students and advisers on all aspects of creating, designing, marketing and selling a yearbook. When her children came along, Kim decided to take some time off to raise the kids. When offered a chance to work at her children’s school, she jumped at the chance to help guide the next generation and be close to her kids. While she is still teaching high school Math at cfa Academy in Concord, Kim is helping to expand the ISP Seats name on social media and expand their online reach. Kim is originally from Atlanta, GA, but spent most of her life in Miami, FL. She currently resides in Concord with her husband, Ziggy, and their two children, Zac and Hannah. In her spare time she enjoys working on jigsaw puzzles with the kids and reading.